Welcome to the 3rd XTRABYTES Testnet! On this page you will find all information needed to get started.

Already a testnet participant? Start here for common questions, known issues and how to participate in our coordinated stresstest!




This testnet will use a standalone wallet that will be connected to the testnet only, not the live wallet. Any coins in the wallets are therefore purely for testing purposes and not exchangeable for other goals. Please use the correct wallet and make sure you don’t try to transfer coins between the test client and the live client.

Setting up

Step 1: Download XCITE wallet

You can find the XCITE client by following this link:

Step 2: Create a config file

You can only participate if your public key has been compiled into the wallet. So please check whether your public key is in the list of compiled keys in order to proceed:

Click here for the list of active public keys.

If your key is not on this list, please contact #testnet-support (Discord) for a new set of keys. You can find a link to our discord here.

Windows: After verifying that your key is indeed present, open your explorer (Windows) and copy “%Appdata%/xcite” into the address bar on top (no quotation marks), or manually browse to the folder by following:

“X:/Users/Username/AppData/Roaming/xcite” with X being your system hard-drive and replacing Username with your windows username.

Within this folder, create a new file and name it “xcite.conf” make sure the file is not called “xcite.conf.txt” ! (Set your explorer to show file extensions for known files under the options tab)

Paste the following content into the file:


The file should now look like

Save the config file and exit the file (and client if it’s open).

Step 3:Check Debug.log

You can now (re-)start the wallet. After opening, a file called debug.log will be created in the xcite folder from step 2. Please open this file and search for "importable". Then copy the code.

PLEASE NOTICE TO COPY ONLY THE KEY DO NOT COPY THE "init", "added" or "upnp" or "net" AT THE END.

You can now open the wallet debug console by opening the wallet -> help -> debug windows -> console.

Next, type "importprivkey (copied code)" and press return / enter.

Step 4: Check if everything works

Your client is now setup to “mine”. Every block will be rewarded with 6500 XBY so there are funds to play around with. Again, these coins cannot be exchanged with the live chain!

Step 5: Adding address

We would like everybody to write down your receiving XCITE address in this Form.We will use these to send you the XBY for the tests.

Step 6: Send or receive test XBY

Your node will automatically start "mining" test XBY for you to send. You can also receive XBY from fellow testers by joining our Discord and heading to the #testnet channel. Just post your receive address in there, and you'll soon see some people sending you test XBY.

Coordinated Testnet Stresstest

Join us as we prepare for the next phase of Testnet 3: our coordinated network strike! Below are the two dates and times our community will gather to spam the network.

February 7, 2018 @ 9PM Eastern Standard Time

(For USA Participants)

February 8, 2018 @ 9PM GMT +0

(For EU Participants)

Where will the Xtrabytes community gather during the event?

You can join our Discord and head to our #testnet channel. There we will be chatting and sharing observations as the community spams the network.

What should I expect?

So far we have made much progress throughout the testing phases, taking a very systematic approach as to how we troubleshoot and fix things. Moving into this community phase is another milestone for the testnet, so it's extremely important that we reach out to anyone who can assist us in testing the boundaries of the network.

Once the community strike is complete we will provide a detailed analysis of peak transactions per second in addition to the number of nodes operational at the time of the network spamming.

What if I’m having technical issues?

There will be active tech support members on discord that will be ready to help with any issues that may arise during the testing. However, we still ask that any significant problems you encounter be reported by opening a ticket in our Help Center.

Can I watch the event live?

Heck yea! You can see a live stream of the community spamming on our Twitch Stream

Known Issues & Common Questions

For those that have already set up their wallet, there are some known issues and questions that we’d like to address.

Wallet bloat

This is due to old code in the wallet, this problem would take considerable time to remediate and we have decided it’s best to focus our time on preparing XCITE & the new tech.

Calculating tx/s

You would need to go to http://xcite.xtrabytes.services and check how many transactions are in the last block. Then you would need to count the number of seconds between the last block and the current block, then divide by that number. You will not be able to determine this via the wallet.

Transactions stuck at 0 out of 6 confirmations

This is due to the fact that blocks are full, related to old code. To help prevent this tx/output should be kept to 100 in the tools. The next testnet will have adjusted settings and different tech so this problem won’t exist.

How will I be able to measure performance? How are we collecting logs?

We will be pulling logs from the block explorer and wallet daemons we have running on our backend. There is no need for participants to collect this information on their own.

I’m only seeing 8 connections, how can I fix this?

This is related to UPnP, it’s not a real issue at this point as it does not affect speed. If you want to see more than 8 connections, open port 1111 (TCP) on your firewall and forward that same port to the machine hosting the node.

My key doesn’t work or it appears my key is being used by someone else

It’s completely possible we made a mistake and gave out a duplicate key, please reach out to us to receive a new key for testing.


If you happen to come across any bugs, please let the team know by submitting a form through https://bugreport.xtrabytes.global/ and giving a detailed walkthrough of the issue. Be specific and detailed where necessary, but try to keep it short.

More questions?

If you have more questions about XTRABYTES or cryptocurrency in general we would like to direct you to our community forum or discord channel. A lot of information is available in the FAQs, but if anything is unclear or you require help with – feel free to ask away!

  • Forum: https://community.xtrabytes.global
  • Discord: http://discord.xtrabytes.global/
  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/XtraBYtes/
  • X-CITE

    Our team has been hard at work on X-CITE. Yes, that’s right, X-CITE - the decentralized XTRABYTES platform that will host our exchange, our multifaceted modules and multiple other functionalities. You can get an early taste of our first prototype by downloading test versions for Windows and for Android

    In the next few weeks we will be making massive improvements to the functionalities of the client, so stay tuned throughout the process! The client will be updated occasionally, so you will need to re-download the latest version.

    The X-CITE client will not be connected to any blockchain just yet – this is just a prototype to give you a hint of what is to come and show there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. The X-CHAT module has its first integrated prototype in the client and should be functional, do give it a try!

    The client interface starts off with a login screen. You don’t need to enter anything and can just click “login” and “verify” – this brings you to the main screen where you’ll be able to test X-CHAT.